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Did you know? There are over 285 million people around the world with some form of visual challenge. This number is projected to double by 2030. With this information in mind, the Canadian government has passed legislation mandating online document accessibility, and we can help you comply. Nimble helps you convert documents into accessible PDFs that allow people with visual challenges to access and use your organization’s information. Click here to download our accessible info sheet.
Visually Impaired Accessibility Output

Our Features

  • Convert your electronic documents. We’ll convert your electronic documents to Accessible PDFs.
  • Scan documents. We’ll also scan your documents to create Accessible PDFs.
  • Meet compliance. We are PDF/UA and WCAG.2.0 compliant.
  • Branding and reading order. Your document, your design, our accessibility features.
  • Secure and private. Compliance with even the tightest security and privacy policies.
  • Highly-trained staff. Our staff are highly trained in this application.
  • Ensure accurate reading order. With ALT-Text that conveys your image content, we can ensure that your document’s reading order remains accurate.
  • Maintain original branding. Keep your branding and navigation features for high-quality user experiences.
  • Cost-effective. We offer very competitive rates for accessibility output services.
  • Advanced Coding. PDFs are also reworked to become accessible.
Visually Impaired Accessibility Output


  • Easily comply with government standards. Such as PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0.
  • Enhance productivity. Gain greater contribution from visually impaired employees.
  • Expand your customer base. With inclusive service delivery, you can reach a much broader audience.
  • Give your visitors better access. Give people the opportunity to access and navigate your documents or fill out your forms.

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