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Have lots of wide format drawings? High quality scanning ensures they’re protected. At Nimble, we have 3 full-service facilities and over 200 staff to offer the most complete range of secure large format document scanning services in Canada.

Nimble’s wide format scanners are ideal for scanning CAD drawings, blueprints, or any wide format technical document. Our intelligent image processing can even make your digital drawings look better than the original!

Contact us to learn more about high quality scanning for your wide format drawings and to arrange a no-obligation trial. Click here to download our Drawings Scanning Cut Sheet.

Before Drawings Scanning

Our Features

  • Sharp Scans. Sharp, accurate scans calibrated specifically for technical documents like CAD drawings/blueprints.
  • Pre-Scan Expertise. Pre-scan experts ensure the high-quality capture of folded or rolled CAD drawings/blueprints.
  • High Res. High 600 or 1200 dpi optical resolution for sharp and shadow free scans.
  • Choice of Outputs. Black and white, colour, and greyscale outputs.
After Drawings Scanning


  • Shareable. PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats for sharing, printing, and emailing.
  • More Space. Recover valuable storage space in your office and eliminate the need for inefficient off-site storage.
  • Take your drawings with you. Take electronic copies of your large format drawings with you with fast, accurate, and secure retrieval from any device.

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