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Microfilm and microfiche have been traditionally used for long-term/permanent records storage. As these mediums deteriorate, organizations are choosing to convert the media to digital format. With the highest level of quality and accuracy, our conversion services allow you to unlock the power of your information. We scan and digitize, convert critical documents to electronic formats, and archive everything in a way that maximizes your ability to store and access the information you need, when you need it. Nimble is one of the only providers in Canada with the equipment and resources to meet high volume, high quality microfilm and microfiche conversion needs.

Microfilm/Microfiche Conversion Scanner Conversion Services

Our Features

  • Flexible and scalable. Completely customize our conversion services to your budget and needs on an ongoing basis.
  • High resolution. Scan and print high resolution images from microfilm.
  • Convert many formats. Convert microfilm, microfiche, COM fiche and aperture cards to digital images.
  • Complete solution. Regardless of the characteristics and overall project scope, we have the equipment, personnel, and expertise to do the job right for you from start to finish.
Microfilm/Microfiche Conversion Scanner Conversion Services


  • Improve efficiencies. Have the information you need on hand instantly, without having to search through boxes of microfilm/microfiche.
  • Better access. Easily retrieve and share your files with multiple people at different locations.
  • Reduce redundancies. Reduce downtime and redundancies associated with microfilm.
  • Reclaim your space. Files on a hard drive take up 98% less space than boxes of microfilm/microfiche.

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