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Microfilm Creation

Sometimes for compliance reasons you need to create a more permanent, physical copy of your digital information. This is where our microfilm creation services come in!

Paper To Microfilm Conversion Services

Our Features

  • 16mm conversion. Convert documents up to 18″ x 23″.
  • 35mm conversion. Perfect for engineering and architectural drawings up to E size originals.
  • Source Document Microfilm (SDM). Providing for the conversion of your original paper documents to microfilm.
  • 16mm and 35mm microfilming. This includes filming, duplication, microfilm jacketing and COM services.
  • Kodak MRD-2 microfilm cameras. These cameras are specifically designed for microfilming newspapers.
Paper To Microfilm Conversion Services


  • Peace of mind. Microfilm is a great option for disaster recovery & long term retention.
  • Meet compliance standards. Fulfill your organization’s requirements with nimble’s microfilm creation services.

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