Your mailroom is the perfect place to start your digital transformation journey. 

Reduce paper usage in your organization and gain control of incoming

information from any source; from email, forms, faxes, physical mail and even

returned mail. With Nimble Digital Mailroom you can streamline your inbound

communication processes.


Your communications are routed according to your specified requirements, are

viewable anytime, anywhere on any connected device – all while tracking the

overall process and alerting users of work items that require attention.

 Check out these short explainer videos below to learn more about the nimble digital solution


                                                  DIGITAL MAILROOM PROCESS


  The Benefits of Nimble Digital Mailroom Solution


Improve Response Time – Mail driven processes that can take days or weeks can now be completed in minutes.

Reduce Operating Costs – Reduce the costs of sorting, organizing and manually tagging documents, and refocus                     your workforce on revenue- generating activities.

Reduce Space – With a digitized mailroom you can save valuable real estate.

Reduce Paper – Help the environment and reduce your paper and printing expenses as all incoming correspondence             becomes part of your  digital workflows.

Reduce Risk – Human error is virtually removed from the process along with the risk of losing critical pieces of mail. All            the while providing an audit trail and chain of custody.

Secure – Securely handle confidential information. Our facilities and controls meet or exceed industry best practices               and follow regulatory compliance for privacy and security (PHIPA, FIPA, HIPPA). Our team of experts are also                               screened by the government to handle documents up to and including Security B.

Better Customer Experience – Keep your clients happy by processing transactions and answering inquiries in a                       fraction of expected response times.