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Simple Imaging Software

Nimble offers a number of excellent capture software products from manufacturer’s such as Kofax, Kodak Alaris, IBM, VersaIMAGE, M-Files, Contact Innovations among others. Our professional staff will install & set-up the software and then instruct your staff on it’s usage and benefits.

Simple Imaging Software

Our Features

  • Image clean-up. Various software packages can assist in image clean-up. Scanned images are de-skewed, de-speckled, enhanced, and cropped.
  • Identify and classify. Our imaging software is able to identify and classify your document information.
  • Extract data. Read patch and bar codes.
  • Image capture. Using the latest technology in analytics you can capture images via mobile devices and detailed information.
Simple Imaging Software


  • Increase production volume. Simple imaging software increases document capture production volume.
  • Optimum image quality.
  • Faster document processing. Through the use of the data extraction capabilities faster straight through.
  • Cost-effective. Simple imaging software allows for less human intervention making for cost-effective technology implementations.

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