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Having access to your information is only as good as the data you assign to it. Whether it’s keying or validating extracted data, we get it right for you every time. Nimble provides the most accurate and scalable data capture and data entry service in Canada. Our team of highly skilled technical professionals design and develop customized solutions for each project to ensure that we handle your data entry needs with speed, accuracy and unparalleled cost efficiency.

Database Creation Data Entry Services

Our Features

  • 99.5%+ accuracy. Our optimized data entry processes ensure complete precision.
  • The latest technology. We have the latest hardware, software, and telecommunication technology.
  • Highly trained and trusted professionals. Our experts have years of experience in data entry.
  • Highly scalable. We have over 110 workstationsto ramp up immediately for very large volumes.
  • Double key validation. Everything is looked at twice to ensure accuracy.
  • 100% Canadian. Your information is processed by Canadians in Canada.
Database Creation Data Entry Services


  • Improve operating efficiency. Get quick access to accurate data.
  • Save time and money. Access large volumes of data in the shortest time possible.
  • Guaranteed accuracy. We ensure 99.5%+ precisionwith double key validation.
  • Get there faster. Leverage our infrastructure to work within tight deadlines.
  • Increased security. Our facilities and controls meet or exceed industry best practices and follow regulatory compliance for privacy and security (PHIPA, FIPA, HIPPA). Our team of experts are also screened by the government to handle documents up to and including Security B.

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