CLIENT – The Social Assistance Modernization Branch (SAMB) provides support to various ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) offices across the province.
They support the ODSP in the areas of business process improvement,
technology enhancements, and digital transformation processes.

PROBLEM – The Kingston ODSP Office suffered a major fire in December 2016 that caused significant damage. The fire seriously compromised client files that were stored in the main floor, basement, and 4th floor file rooms. The extent of the damage forced the Kingston office staff to relocate to a temporary office until the office renovations were complete.

GOAL – In an effort to recover the client files, all remaining 12,000 client files would have to be removed from the office, manifested, packed, and moved to Nimble’s operations facility to be cleaned of smoke and soot contamination. Of the 12,000 files moved, 7,500 files would have to be fully digitized and indexed as part of the recovery project. Kingston ODSP would also need secure, online access to the files through a
portal upon their return to the office 3 months later in April.

SOLUTION –  Nimble implemented a solution consisting of the following:
• project management tools (as per the PMBoK)
• coordinated file pack and move
• secure logistics and chain of custody
• advanced document preparation and document purging services
• file cleaning processes (removal of soot contaminate)
• digitization and indexing services
• secure portal and hosting services.

OUTCOME The entire project was completed within the three-month window. All files were cleaned, indexed, and uploaded to our secure Nimble portal for use by the Kingston ODSP office. All active client files – approximately 4,000,000 pages of content – are now in a digital format allowing the Kingston ODSP
office to effectively service their clients.


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