CLIENT – The Birchwood Automotive Group consists of 14 distinct auto dealerships that share centralized account management services.
Their challenge was the storage and retrieval of the ever-growing mountain of sales/lease agreements and their supporting documents from the dealerships, which need to be kept on hand for up to 7 years post-sale or post-lease.

GOAL –  Birchwood wanted a system that would centralize and better control the high volume of
documents as well as give the dealerships the ability to quickly and securely retrieve specific items.

SOLUTION-  Nimble’s SmartCloud solution was implemented with a transactional pricing model
to allow for better control and forecasting of costs. Central Services were provided access to all documents and associated metadata, and each dealership could easily access documents related to their organization, with other dealerships’ documents kept private.

RESULTS –  Birchwood immediately experienced the following benefits:
• Reduced time spent searching for existing agreements from days to seconds.
• Reduced risk of lost agreements as items are tracked from creation to disposal.
• Electronic storage of the large volume of documents has reduced the need and cost of physical storage space
• Transactional pricing allows Birchwood to pass the costs through the dealerships to the purchaser of the vehicle. With no additional cost to add users or dealerships, Birchwood now has better control over forecasting without having to be concerned about possible budget overages

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