Social Assistance Central Services Branch Launches Document Management System

It’s here! It’s faster, it’s easier, and uses less paper too!

Working with Nimble, the Social Assistance Central Services Branch (SACSB) has launched a document management system to streamline their processes and reduce their paper. They are so thrilled with the new system that they sent this letter out to their team.

The Document Management System (DMS) has launched at the Social Assistance Central Services Branch (SACSB)! DMS brings the implementation of an electronic document management solution to fruition, a first within SAOD!

On December 18, 2017, the first container of documents left the branch for scanning.

DMS manages scanned documents associated with disability adjudication and replaces the out-dated paper based processes, significantly reducing the physical handling of ODSP medical applications and related communications. It is capable of scanning paper documents, storing and managing digital documents, and allowing access to the digital documents through SACSB’s existing technology.

SACSB DAU handles approximately 41,000 Disability Determination Packages per year (3,400 per month), and each DDP consists of an average of 50 pages = 2,265,000 pages/year. In addition, DAU receives over 276,000 multi paged faxes per year. That adds up to a lot of paper!

Very soon there will be no more daily manual filing!

The new Document Management System provides the following benefits:

  • Automated and modernized business processes
  • Improved customer service through faster access to case files enabling quicker responses to inquiries
  • Significant reduction in DAU’s photocopying expenses for about 3,000,000 photocopied pages per year
  • More office space by significantly reducing onsite storage
  • Less time lost due to searching for files

The implementation of DMS works to significantly move SACSB further along the path towards service excellence and demonstrates their commitment to Organizational Effectiveness.

“While it has taken almost seven years to make the DAU DMS a reality, it has been said that all good things come to those who wait. A lot of you have patiently waited with me all those years. We are finally here and it truly was a team effort. Congratulations!” – Bob Davidson, Director, SACSB

The DMS leads the way for the digitization and electronic management of sensitive data within SAOD. Congratulations to our DMS Project Team for their dedication and hard work!


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